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Connecting one dot at a time to create a whole new world!

“Nakshatram” is an artisanal collection to give out positive vibes and to celebrate the birth of our small miracles. The term Nakshatram is made of two words, "naksha" is "map" and "tara" is "star" i.e."Star Map."

Just like stars , our babies are different and unique from one another. They weave their own path by observing and absorbing everything around them. Coming from a very protected environment of a mother’s womb to a very strange and different world, new-borns have their own unique journey of connecting the dots. 

Nakshatram is a beautiful blend of Traditional Bandhani and storytelling of a child’s emotional journey. Each dot of the Bandhani pattern thus, represents the various milestones they achieve. 

So let us explore, dream, learn and discover with them!

Our Favourite Pick

Designing for children has been the most elevated and life changing experience for us.

We learn and unlearn so many things everyday and this never stops. Story of each birth, motherhood and babyhood inspires us. Here is our favourite research led product for every newborn baby. Our Rompers are quintessential for a baby's wardrobe as they are designed around freedom of movement and integrated with extra room to grow.

P.S. This was the first product that we made and its still close to our heart.

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