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Confused about how much to buy before baby's arrival?

Capsule Wardrobes helps you buy the right amount of products for the first 2-3 months for a newborn baby. They are versatile, can be mixed matched with the right selection of newborn friendly styles.

Because we want mothers to take care of themeselves and their baby during the first 40 days. And leave the wardrobe worries to us!

Our Favourite Pick

Designing for children has been the most elevated and life changing experience for us.

We learn and unlearn so many things everyday and this never stops. Story of each birth, motherhood and babyhood inspires us. Here is our favourite research led product for every newborn baby. Our Rompers are quintessential for a baby's wardrobe as they are designed around freedom of movement and integrated with extra room to grow.

P.S. This was the first product that we made and its still close to our heart.