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Postpartum Self-Care regimes for Expecting & New Mothers

Posted by Navdeep Kaur on
Postpartum Self-Care regimes for Expecting & New Mothers

Slowing down before & after giving birth is important. The ancient practices of prenatal and postpartum rituals exist for a reason. If we look deeper into the rituals, everything is about warmth, nutrition & recovery for the mother. Mother is put first and given foremost importance. From the healthiest food ingredients to what goes on the skin, everything is special! 

Post delivery, often mothers start feeling guilty about taking out time for themselves and do not express their inner conflicts. With a brain fog, remembering ten thousand new things about child care, & putting their own ‘self-care’ the last on the list. New mothers can be really hard on themselves. They tire themselves out physically, mentally and often fail to take care of themselves. In my ten years of parenthood, brain fog still exists and I'm always on the run with two little monkeys. But what seeped in as a huge learning is "time that I reserve for myself". I really wish I had started that long ago. 

With tons of empathy towards new mothers I have put together simple & easy to practice self-care tips that helped me - 

  • Listen to your body - Rest when your body tells you to stop
  • Limitation on digital stimulation & prioritize sleep
  • Learn to say no - be it work overload or unexpected guests
  • Ask & Accept help - never say no for that little extra minutes that you get for yourself
  • Quick solo walk will refresh your mind 
  • Talk about your feelings, either to your counselor, doctor, best friend or a motherhood journal
  • Focus on wholesome nutrition for your inner recovery
  • Adopt guilt-free motherhood and indulge in skin-repair natural regimes and feel good about yourself

Tips for new fathers, friends and immediate caregivers - 

  • ensure she is well fed every two hours, enough wholesome munchies next to her feeding chair and bedside, 
  • offer to take care of the baby so that she can have a relaxing warm bath, 
  • offer to burp the baby so that she can stretch her back and arms for a while, 
  • keep her well hydrated, as she is losing a lot of water while breastfeeding
  • play her favorite music when she feels low and tired, just hear her rant and be a patient listener, 
  • offer to give her a gentle head, shoulders and foot massage, 
  • hold the baby while she is trying to have a peaceful meal. 
  • Most importantly don't count the number of hugs you give her and tell her how brave she has been all this while.

With a firm belief in ancient wisdom of natural ingredients & need for healing prenatal & postpartum rituals inspired me to create Embrace. The limited edition series has been curated keeping the safety, nourishment and recovery properties in mind. Embrace bundles are pure & simple regimes for maternal well-being, designed to encourage new mothers to slow down to take care of themselves. These quick and easy regimes with natural balm, nut oils, weighted eye mask and warm booties can be easily added to the postpartum rituals. 

Guilt Free Self Care for New Moms By Aagghhoo

 The first limited edition has been curated with carefully sourced ingredients from Indian organic farms. Below are ingredients and their benefits listed - 

- The all Organic Balm is made using beeswax, cold-pressed coconut oil, Kashmiri Mamra almond oil, and cocoa butter. Breastfeeding mothers can apply on their dry nipples to moisturize and heal. Apply a small amount on nipples right after breastfeeding. It is 100% natural and baby-safe too.

- Kashmiri Mamra Almond oil reduces dark circles and under eye puffiness. It is also an excellent natural moisturizer and emollient. In the PM, apply Kashmiri Mamra Almond oil  to the under eye region and gently massage. Follow up with Nidra weighted eye mask for relaxed sleep.

- Our Nidra sleep eye mask, perfectly weighted with all-natural Mustard seeds, helps with headaches and insomnia. The mask is dyed with the goodness of turmeric and Mustard seeds are sourced from the farms of the Doaba region of Punjab. The mask blocks light, relaxes the nervous system, and mustard seeds stimulate microcirculation.

-  Made of pure merino wool, our Mommy+Baby vintage booties will keep them warm and cozy. They are hand knitted with love by grannies. 

- Enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, cold pressed Walnut oil not only does wonders for your hair and skin, but is also beneficial for the brain development of your baby. Apply to the scalp and leave for a few hours before washing to nourish the scalp, prevent hair loss, and promote hair growth.

- Other uses of our cold pressed Walnut and Almond oils: Rub between the palms to warm it up and use as a massage oil. Mix with sugar/salt to make gentle exfoliating scrubs. Eat a spoonful to enjoy its goodness in the rawest form. Use for low heat cooking and add to salads as a dressing. 

Take time to be yourself, calm and soothe your mind. You don’t have to wait for others to show you love, care, and compassion. Remember, self-care is a necessity, not an indulgence. 

Slow down mama…

Pause & feel 

the emotions flowing through you

your yearnings for a familiar warmth

Nurture the life giver in you 

Embrace Yourself wholeheartedly!

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