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Being a mother of two, I wanted my kids to grow up in a world that was sensitive towards the surroundings, was free of gender biases and where they could grow in the most organic and pure way! I believed that as a mother, it was my responsibility to create a world; my daughters could be raised in. Aagghhoo thus evolved out of my experience and conviction as a mother. 

Research was of utmost importance to us. We analysed and understood the unsaid, unspoken needs of babies as well as new parents to create a space that parents could trust. Taking this research, we created our products that were sensitive to the needs of the babies and which ensured that parents could leave their wardrobe worries to us!
We aim to create a world that is gender neutral, 100% natural, honest, functionally superior and empathetic. Aagghhoo is a safe space for parents who are looking for the best products for their babies. For us, it is the comfort and health of all the babies that matters the most. 
We strongly encourage and promote conscious parenting. Conscious parenting as a system makes our children more aware about the importance and value of products and services around them. Conscious buying, as a part of the whole conscious journey is a habit that we as parents need to not only start implementing at our personal level but also introduce our kids to it. This value system will ensure a better today, but an even better tomorrow.
We are proud to have helped several parents who faced similar concerns, but to have also helped artisan communities who so beautifully weave our fabrics. Uplifting these communities, and appreciating the intricate work that they do is something, we strongly imbibe in our brand value. 
Today, we have over 500+ Aagghhoo parents who believe in the same ideas as we do. Their constant encouragement, love and support has made us believe even more in what we have set to build.  We move ahead fuelled by the trust they have placed on us.
So that's the journey of Aagghhoo and me, the very first Aagghhoo mommy. A journey that started with me trying to find answers and hopefully will end with effecting a clear change in our children’s world.
- Navdeep Kaur (Founder - Aagghhoo & The Colour Workshop)