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History will judge us by the difference we make in everyday life of children - Nelson Mandela
This beautiful quote by Dr. Mandela is the truth we parents strive to live up to.

My personal journey as a mother started with trying to balance everything from personal ambitions and being the perfect parent and over time lead to a lot of self-questioning and introspection of my parenting style. I never seemed to have the right answers – What is the right product for my baby? Is his sleep time regulated? The right food pattern? Will the world judge for my choices?

While making the choice for my baby, I always looked for well designed, natural, sustainable baby products. Products that will help me be sure of my choices: be it good sleep, nutrition, skincare, hygiene, everyday wear, play and interaction. But I could never find the right solution. Almost like everything I lay my hands on felt unnatural and planned as a short-term solution. There were no systems that guided me on what to buy and how much for my children. My why’s and how's never found an answer.

When I tried evaluating on what made my experience as a parent underwhelming, a few points clearly stood out: Lack of well-designed products and systems | Lack of empathy and understanding to a child’s and parents challenges | Eco friendly and conscious products seemed to be absent in the baby’s world. It is out of this plastic and chaotic world that exists, I found my calling. I wanted to build a word for our children out of natural colours, honest materials and more importantly empathy.

Aagghhoo was conceptualized in the year 2012. 3 years of extensive research with babies, their unexpressed needs and new parents, lead us to build this world we wanted to bring more people into. A world that is gender neutral, natural & honest and functionally superior and empathetic. A world that we as parents can place our trust in. Today, we have over 400+ Aagghhoo parents who believe in the same ideas as we do. We move ahead fuelled by the trust they have placed on us.

So that's the journey of Aagghhoo and me, the very first Aagghhoo mommy. A journey that started with me trying to find answers and hopefully will end with effecting a clear change in our children’s world.

- Navdeep Kaur (Founder)