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Our Story

History will judge us by the difference we make in everyday life of children - Nelson Mandela
This beautiful quote by Dr. Mandela is the truth of every parent’s life. Our children follow us very closely: every action, every word, every choice  and become our reflections. Being examples for our children is a huge responsibility and a journey of self discovery as well.
 Like every parent, my story started with a lot self deprecation and questioning my parenting methods. I have always been a busy and anxious mother, trying to balance everything from personal ambitions and being the perfect parent. I always looked for well designed, natural, sustainable baby products that will help me be sure of my choices: be it a good sleep, nutrition, skincare, hygiene, everyday wear, play and interaction. ButI always felt  something was falling short. Almost like everything was planned as a short term solution. Very few products made sense to me. There were no systems that guided what to buy and how much for my children. My why’s and how's never found an answer. 

When I got around to thinking about what exactly was missing throughout my experience, a few aspects clearly stared back at me. The involvement and contribution of design to a parent and child’s everyday life was not enough. There was no guidance or empathy shown towards a parent and child to ease out everyday routine challenges. Eco-consciousness was barely a topic discussed when it comes to green choices for children. I think this was where I realized my calling - to work in the area of natural colours, materials and contribute something to the community and look everything through the lens of empathy towards parents and children. 

The idea of creating Aagghhoo was conceived in the year 2012. 

3 years of extensive research on babies and their unexpressed needs leading us to discovery of larger system issues. Aagghhoo was born - aiming to be a gender neutral, functional and natural brand, trying to find sustainable solutions to every collective problem highlighted by real parents. It’s been an amazing journey working with right natural colour practitioners and textile collaborators even if it took us a few years to arrive where we are today. 

So that's the journey of Aagghhoo and me the very first Aagghhoo mommy. I run two design companies (The Colour Workshop & Aagghhoo), raising two daughters - juggling between both these mad mad worlds.