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Nidra - Weighted Eye Mask

Rs. 1,599.00

Nidra sleep eye mask is perfectly weighted with all-natural Mustard seeds that helps with headaches + insomnia. An essential companion for sleep deprived, tired parents. 

Mustard seeds are sourced from the farms of the Doaba region of Punjab. All our ingredients are 100% pure and sourced natively. The mask comes with a removable naturally dyed cover and has a seperate removable filler inside. 

How to use - 

In the PM, apply Kashmiri Mamra Almond oil  to the under eye region and gently massage. Wear the weighted eye mask and sleep easy! The mask blocks light, relaxes the nervous system, and mustard seeds stimulate microcirculation.

This pack includes - Weighted sleep eye mask - 200g

Care - 

This weighted eye mask comes with a naturally dyes washable cover and seperate mustard seed filler. 

- Outer cover recommended to be washed in skin friendly detergents like Soapnut

- To maintain the filler pouch, keep it in dry place. Moisture is harmful for mustard seeds. 

Wash Care
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Country of Origin - India

Designed, Manufactured & Packed at - Aagghhoo - A1-502, L&T South City, Arekere, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bengaluru - 560076

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Net Quantity - 1 

Our Design Process

“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.”

—Dr. Maria Montessori

The first dots on sonography to the first sound of the heartbeat, the journey of any parent begins much before, a baby enters this world. We become their confidants and guardians, decoding their babbles into heart to heart conversations, and taking mindful decisions for them. Aagghhoo’s vision is to decode and interpret unsaid needs of babies. Driven by the philosophy of “Less, but better”, we hope to help parents become conscious about the number of products a newborn needs. With agender and seamless designs, we aim at optimum play and unrestrained physical movements. Room-to-grow as an integrated design element in each product, we ensure an extended use to garments. We believe in gender neutral colour palettes and patterns, defying all colour codes or boundaries.


Understanding Babies

Babies are fully human and cognizant from day one! Treating them with respect and trying to understand them as unique individuals, is key to designing well for them.

We’ve spent many months, observing babies, playing with them, speaking with them, and sometimes with their parents as well. We’ve found inspirations and insights from their non-verbal cues and signs during our everyday interactions and they become a hook for us to explore possibilities. The solutions and ideas derived from our understanding, focus on comfort, functionality, scale understanding and adaptability in the baby’s physical world.

Our Design Approach

With the lack of verbal communication, sensory experiences become key elements of our designs. The senses of touch, sight, sound, smell, taste and movement all matter in evolving and understanding the real world for the babies. Our designs imbibe in them the understanding of the sensory stimulations needed for the various stages of growth of our children.

Everything we design, is a combination of two or more sensory elements. For example, our clothing is a combination of touch and freedom of movement. Our prints are artistic interpretations of the baby’s sight and potential trigger of thoughts. For long have we designed baby products, to appeal to the parents. We realize that it is imperative to keep the needs and comfort of the child at the forefront of any design process. We do hope to trigger this change in the product and thought landscape.

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