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A good Laundry/cleaning routine keeps babies healthy!

Babies. They will suck and chew on their clothes, toys and whatever they can lay their hands on.

Not that they plan it, but that's how babies are. They will explore the world in their own way. These natural tendencies exist till a certain age and what gets parents worried is what are the best hygiene practices with little ones? How does one ensure the clothes and toys are safe from germs and chemicals. We highly recommend the Eco Wash procedure to keep your baby safe from unwanted germs. 

Here is a little recipe of Eco Wash for you to follow.

Ingredients - Soapnut Powder, warm water


Sapindus Trifoliatusis/Indian Reetha

Energy saving, Zero waste, Anti-bacterial, Hypoallergenic, SLES free

Soapnut is an indigenous tree of India. Soapnuts are actually berries that contain a natural detergent called SAPONIN which is extracted when agitated or heated in hot water, creating soap-like suds. Since they are completely natural and highly sustainable, they are kind to teh skin and the planet. 

Absence of toxic chemicals, irritants and allergens -  Since soap nuts are hypoallergenic, they are relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Soapnuts don't leave chemical residue, they are ideal for people with sensitive skin and those with eczema and psoriasis. It is also ideal for washing baby clothes. 

Washing delicate clothing - They are gentle in nature and hence can be used for delicate clothes like silk, cashmere and wool. Its mildness keeps natural colours bright. 

Durability of clothes - Owing to their mild nature, using soap nuts for detergent helps maintain the fabric structure of clothing for longer periods. 

Washing cloth diapers and napkins - Soapnut liquid is a chemical free option and can be used directly to wash soiled cloth diapers and reusable nappies. They are great because unlike chemical detergents they do not clog the fabric causing the diaper to lose its absorbency. They do not cause diaper rash either. In addition, soapnuts clean and remove existing detergent residue from diapers and nappies. 

Water and energy saving - Since rinsing is easier so less water is required and same water can be reused to water the plants or even if it goes into the drain, does not cause any water pollution. If using a washing machine, one can use a shorter rinse cycle thus saving energy. Its low foam is perfect for high efficiency top loaded machines. 

Recycling - Washing water from soap nuts can be reused in the garden for watering the plants.

At Aagghhoo, we use soap nuts as pre-wash detergents to make sure that products are fresh and free of dirt. We hope you will try this too !

Happy Safe-Washing !

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